How should you attend the dental practice appointment?

Attend alone. Ideally, only one companion should attend with children or patients with special needs, including elderly patients needing assistance

Let us know when you have arrived by ringing the bell or text us at

089 6085933

Please wait in your car or in our new garden at the rear of the practice and we will call you in when we are ready to receive you

When we welcome you in to the practice, we will ask you to sanitise your hands

Please ensure you are wearing a mask at all times in the building except when a staff member asks you to remove it. We can provide you with a mask if you have forgotten your own

Please ensure you have used the bathroom facilities and carried out any toothbrushing at home, as our facilities will be for emergency use only for infection control purposes

Card payment is preferred

In the treatment room:

We will give you a low level of PPE to protect you – glasses and a bib

We will ask you to remove your mask, and if you are having operative treatment, we will ask you to rinse with a pre-procedural mouth rinse and to spit back into your cup rather than the spittoon

As the COVID-19 virus can be present in saliva, we would ask you to refrain from removing your denture or orthodontic appliance yourself and to avoid putting your fingers in your mouth. If you do so we will offer you hand sanitizer

We will carry out your treatment or assessment as planned, using rubber dam and/or high-volume suction where possible

On completion we will ask you to replace your mask and to exit the treatment room

Thank you for your cooperation

From all the team @ Drumcondra Village Dental