Hello! We're back!

We have resumed normal dental services, slowly and safely and are making appointments again.

We have researched the science, observed the public health advice and received guidance from the HPSC & Dental Council, while also referencing evolving best practice from the dental and medical professions across the globe. We have even exceeded this guidance, as your safety is our priority


If we cancelled your appointment we will contact you to reschedule

If you have pain or any other dental problems let us know

If you just want to schedule a routine appointment let us know

Starting with seeing patients with highest clinical need, we will get to everybody in time, it will just take a little longer than normal. We will leave gaps between appointments for social distancing and also to allow extra time for enhanced cleaning. For more detail check out our plan

Looking forward to meeting you all again very soon.

Niamh & all the team @ Drumcondra Village Dental